Barricades and Their Many Uses

Before you can understand temporary barricade, their history and uses, you have to understand exactly what a barricade is. The word barricade actually stems from the French word "barrique", which translates literally to barrel. A barricade is defined as any structure or object which forms a barrier for the control or blockage of traffic flow. It is also a military term, and in the military a barricade is considered to be a field fortification which has been improvised. It is typically used militarily for urban warfare.


The very first use for barricades is the one they were specifically created for, crowd control. Whether its protesters, mobs of angry constituents, sporting events, concerts, even popular store sales, you can find barricades in use to make sure people stay in one area. With concerts, barricades are often used to separate the fans from the performer, both for security and safety. When used for sporting events, barricades are often used to stop people from being able to reach the field or they can keep people in a straight line to make entering the venue less chaotic. The most typical use for crowd control is for rallies and protests, however. You can often watch the news and see that somewhere in the world there is always a protest happening. In the video footage, you can often see barricades being used to hold the protesters back into a certain area.

Road Safety

Another common use for barricades is for road safety. You can see barricades used on the sides of roads, at the end of roads or when some type of road construction work is happening. You can find barricades on freeways, major highways and city roads everywhere in the world. They can even be placed in the middle of some streets to warn of dangerous potholes, sinkholes, flooding or other hazards. Barricades can also be used to force traffic to one lane or another when road work is going on.

Construction Sites

Barricades from TD are also often used on construction sites. Their main use is to keep people out of the construction site when work is going on, and also during the off-hours. They can also be used to keep workers from falling into holes or walking into dangerous areas of the site.


In some of these instances, barricades are often topped with a device called a barricade light. A barricade light most often runs on a battery or solar power, making them easy to place on barricades without needing an electrical hookup. Flashing barricade lights offer an additional warning to people to keep out or stay away from the area.